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Forum Rules

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:44 am
by S Scale Forum Team

Posts shall be made under the appropriate topic heading. The moderators will move posts to the correct topic as required, with public notice, to keep things in order.

Please keep personal correspondence private and out of the forum.

Since the goal of the S Sig is to promote S Scale modeling (as defined in our Definition of Scale), the following topics will be considered inappropriate and will be removed:
1. American Flyer, except conversion to scale.
2. High-rail, except conversion to scale.
3. Topics unrelated to S Scale.

We are determined to be family friendly, and edifying. As such, references to the following are prohibited: Profanity, sex, abusive language, religion, politics, and habitual negativity.

Repeated infraction of these rules will result in temporary moderation or permanent banning of individuals from the forum at the discretion of the moderators.

Definition of Scale:

The S Scale SIG defines scale modeling, regardless of gauge, as;

Wheels and track compatible with NMRA specifications S-1.2 and S-3.2 and S-4.2.
A coupler size equal to or smaller than Kadee #802 and compatible with NMRA specification S-2.
A rail height in the approximate ratio of 1:64 to the prototype being modeled.

Usernames and Signatures:

Forum members must use their real name as their username. Rare exceptions to this policy are granted for those who have a compelling professional or personal reason why their real name may not be used with prior approval by the forum moderators.

Each member is encouraged to complete the Location, Scale(s) Modeled, Road(s) Modeled and Club (please just list your affiliation with a particular S scale group) fields in their profiles so we can all get to know a little more about each other. Signatures should be confined to name, city, state, country (if desired), website and their position as an S Scale SIG board member or officer (if applicable.) An example is given below:

Joe S Scaler
Anyplace, USA

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